Ideas For Napa Valley Vacations

There are plenty of good reasons to start a vacation here or focus the entire time on Napa Valley. You could not get through the entire valley and see every vineyard and winery during the length of a typical vacation, so it can definitely keep you entertained the whole time. Additionally, you could make it one stop on a tour to see all of the wine country in California. In that case, you would just want to focus on a representative selection of all the wineries.

Do not let the prevalence of wine-drinking activities fool you into thinking that this is an adults-only region. There are also plenty of opportunities for families.

Hot Air BalloonsIdeas for a Napa Valley Vacation

Every Kind of Wine

There is a huge variety of wines in this area. The world did not think much of this region in terms of wine until the 1970s, when a clutch of California wines beat French wines hands down in a blindfold contest in France. Since then, there has been no shortage of investment into growing just about every kind of wine possible in Napa.

Instead of forcing yourself to see every winery in the region, which would be quite a challenge, plan your visits around wine types instead. You can try the Zinfandel at one winery, the Merlot at another and the Chardonnay at another.

Do not stop until you have sipped a little of every kind of wine grown in this beautiful area. You might be able to hit quite a cross-section in just one place so you can extend the trip by focusing on one kind of wine at each locale.

Leave the Car Behind

If you are an American, you probably imagine your trip to and through a car. It is the American thing to do. However, this approach lacks a little imagination. Furthermore, gasoline is as expensive as wine. You may not be aware but there are a wide variety of travel options in the region.

If you want to get a better look at the famous fields in which the vintners sow and reap the wine, you could get a view from up above. There are hot air balloon trips over the fields every day. Some vacation packages advertised on the Internet use the balloon trip but you could punctuate your vacation at any time with an ascent into the mild skies over this lush valley.

There are more than balloons when it comes to options for travel. A train can take you to many of the major vineyards and wineries in the area. The train not only takes you through the fields at a moderate pace, allowing you to enjoy the view of the sunlight on the grapevines while you sip some wine, it also stops at various vineyard and lets passengers disembark to take part in some wine-tasting sessions and other education about the vines.

Bring the Kids

There are plenty of attractions in the area that are appropriate for children. If you want your family vacation to pass through the valley, you have a choice of venues to entertain the kids. You can head to see the Old Faithful Geyser of California or the Petrified Forest. In addition, if you look around, you will be surprised by the number of boating, biking and horseback riding opportunities that there are in this region.

Visit State Parks

There are a wide variety of state parks that offer opportunities to hike and see the sights of this beautiful country. If you are going to spend some time tasting wine, you may need the opportunity to walk it all off during or after the trip.

Places like Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park preserve relics of the American past in the Southwest and also put visitors in touch with miles of trails through the entire area. The Redwood-Richey Canyon trail covers three miles of trail and climbs 1,200 feet.

SpaHit the Spa

Take the relaxation to an extreme and visit some of the many spas among the wineries. Thanks to the wine tourism industry, the number of spas has greatly increased in this area, offering tourists the chance to luxuriate in their relaxation after a hard day hitting the vineyards.

In the spas, you will find mud treatments, massages, facials and access to mineral pools, gym equipment and both indoor and outdoor pools. The owners make special efforts to ensure that their facilities are eco-friendly as well.

Hit the Links

The valley is naturally a narrow region but developers have managed to fit six golf courses into the area without disturbing the wine industry. While you take in 18 holes or just hit the back nine, you can walk among and admire native cherry and oak trees that have grown there for centuries. Golf is a great way to start the day before relaxing with some wine-tasting in the afternoon and evening.

Take a Safari

Not far from the valley is the Safari West Wildlife Preserve and African Tent Camp. The soil and climate of this region is not unlike many regions of Africa where giraffes and zebras roam free. The preserve has hundreds of such animals wandering about its grounds. This is another great option for the kids. They will thrill with delight when the wildlife approaches the vehicle. You can also extend your vacation a little and even stay in a tent while after or before your visit.

Go Shopping

There is more to Napa than wine, though that is one of its best attractions without question. The nearby towns of Calistoga and St. Helena are full of much more than vineyards. They are designed to please the wide cross-section of the populace that passes through every year. As a consequence, there is a wide selection of shops and restaurants. You can interrupt your wine-tourism with some relaxed shopping trips and opportunities to try the fare at the local eateries.

Additionally, there are also museums in these towns. Stop to educate yourself and the kids between trips to the vineyards.

Your vacation does not have to be solely centered on wine and food. There is much more here and plenty to entertain between visits to wineries. Try out some of these unexpected opportunities in wine country.

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