Best Napa Valley Wineries & Wine Tours

Napa Valley is an area located in California. It is recognized as being one of the premier wine regions all over the world, with records of wine production in this region dating as far as back in the nineteenth century. Despite this, its first premium wine production found its roots in the 1960s.

VineyardProduction of this world class wine is believed to have settled on George C. Yount in 1964. To date, this region boasts the production of a handful of French labels, a fact which has aided the valley in the cementing of its reputation as the producer of world class wines, from its rich and fertile vineyards.

Another significant end-result of this prestige is that over 4.5 million tourists visit this valley annually. This has definitely made this region a hot spot for tourists from all corners of the globe, with each and every single one of them heading to California. Back in early 2010, it was crowned as “the world’s best wine and food destination” by Trip Advisor.

In this article, you will get a first hand peek into some of the best wine tours and wineries in Napa valley, so as to aid you plan for your trip in the event you wish to pay this glorious valley a visit. They include tour areas such as:

Top Quality Napa Valley Wineries To Visit

  • The Ladera vineyards are renowned for their hillside estate; “Cabernet Sauvignon” situated at the top of Mount Howell and Mount Veeder. This 1886 stone vineyard is owned by Pat and Dan Stotesbery who are also in charge of the tour of the vineyards. Enjoy wine tasting or buy a bottle which is sold on site upon demand. By booking early in advance, you will have a unique opportunity to tour the Stonesberry prized Lone Canyon vineyard at the top of Mount Veeder, which is latter accompanied by a complimentary lunch and tasting of the Ladera wine.
  • Apart from the wine and beautiful vineyards, the Spring mountain is renowned for the Victorian mansion which coincidentally served as a base for a soap opera featured in the 80s known as Falcon Crest. Part of the tour package includes exciting visits to several caves, the vineyards in which a vast variety of grapes are grown, a barn filled with past relics of wine making artifacts and last but not least, wine tasting at the beautiful mansion.
  • The Peay vineyards are located in the region of Sonoma emerges the family of superstar vineyard brothers- Nick and Andy. Together with Vanessa Chong (Nick’s wife) they are famous for their Chardonnay, Viognier, Rousane, Marsane brands. The vineyard estate is located just an hour’s drive from either Healdsburg or Santa Rosa. Despite the distance, the trip is totally worth it. Apart from the estate itself, there is also the cool breeze of the pacific Ocean and you also the spectacular hillsides surrounding the vineyards. For those visiting, a bottle of 2004 Les Titans is recommended for purchase as a souvenir.

Honorable Mention Wine Tours In Napa Valley

  • A visit to Jarvis Estate is truly remarkable. It really is an extraordinary journey unlike no other with exceptional wine making skills. Unknown to many, it boasts as having housed the countries’ first winery which was entirely built underground. Take a tour and glimpse at the meticulous steps involved in the production process of the lush Chardonnays, Cabernet Sauvignons among many more. Interestingly, you may also take a quick tour of over 46,000 square feet of a cave. The tour comes to a conclusion with a formal wine tasting in the salon where among the wines being sampled include six Jarvis Estate wines.
  • Howells wine presents rich, massive and full bodied with a finishing of chocolate. Due to this high quality, it has received a rating of 90-97 from its enthusiasts. This has led it to be considered as one of the best vineyards in the world. Unfortunately, these kinds of wines are available in limited quantities, making them desired even more.
  • Enjoy and discover one of Napa’s treasured crown jewels, with Raymond. Tour the winery, browse across the several wine tasting rooms or just enjoy being among the first to taste any currently released wines coupled with specialized hospitality.
  • The V. Sattui includes an old stone winery building full of history and knowledge. Within the same building, there is a large gourmet cheese shop engulfed with two acres of picnic grounds, making it the ultimate afternoon picnic ground within the county.

Rounding Off The Best Of Napa Valley Wines & Tours To Take

  • Formerly known as Niebaum Coppola, the Rubicon estate finds its origin close to over a century ago, a fact which makes this estate the oldest, and filled with unique yet controversial historical properties in the valley. Go on a journey of discovery as you unravel the estate by exploring the winery, Chateau and museum on site.
  • Located on the historical equestrian central grounds, the black stallion winery is among the youngest and latest additional wineries in the Oak Knoll district. The winery produces a limited number of wine bottles which are usually sold exclusively at the winery itself straight from the cellar.
  • The Hagafen was founded back in 1979 while its first commercially released vintages were produced in the 80s. The Hagafen truly has the bragging rights as since 1980, their wines have been served and featured in countless occasions held over at the White House attended by powerful foreign dignitaries. Among the pride and joy of this estate is the Silverado Trail Winery, several famous tasting rooms and over 30 acres of vineyard. The winery regularly invites wine enthusiast to sample many of their award winning wines. You may also shop for wine country gift hampers or get inspired by viewing the breathtaking and romantic Cask Room.

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